“Sink or swim, float or flounder”

Part of me says "hey, wait for me!" And the other part says, "oh, H*** no!" Watch this mesmerizing look at cold open water swimming, featuring the "swim twins," Kari Furre and Kate Rew. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB3THSHPLuQ Read more about Kari Furre and her Outdoor Swimming Society here. The weird thing about this video coming across my... Continue Reading →

#thisis50plus / Lake Ontario edition

This month, 58-year old American open water swimmer Elizabeth Fry became the second-oldest person to swim across Lake Ontario, a distance of 32.1 miles. She completed the swim in an unofficial time of 15 hours, 46 minutes - fueled on energy gel and... cookies? Fry entered the water shortly after midnight and faced average water... Continue Reading →


Earlier this month, 58-year old open-water swimmer Antonio Arguelles became the 7th person, and the oldest ever, to complete the Oceans Seven challenge - a series of seven open-water channel-crossings that includes the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland, the Cook Strait between the north and south islands of New Zealand, the Molokai Channel between... Continue Reading →

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