“Sink or swim, float or flounder”

Part of me says “hey, wait for me!” And the other part says, “oh, H*** no!” Watch this mesmerizing look at cold open water swimming, featuring the “swim twins,” Kari Furre and Kate Rew.

Open water swimmer and artist, Kari Furre, depicted in the journal Hole & Corner.

Read more about Kari Furre and her Outdoor Swimming Society here.

The weird thing about this video coming across my radar today (in a newsletter about ultrarunning, no less) is that when I was contemplating my survivor anniversary challenge for this year, I lingered for a while on the idea of training for a big lake swim of some kind. And the idea hasn’t really gone away; in fact, I discussed it with my spouse just last week. So maybe this is some kind of sign?


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  1. Wow – extraordinary. When I retired and “Wild Hope” was finished – finally – I thought that my next project might be swimming in all of CO’s wildernesses. It was October – not a great start date – but I got in one very brief swim in Blue Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. If you find a great lake swim, maybe I could join you. ???


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