“You’re never too old to get started.”

If I’m being totally honest, I’d have to say that after the “high” of completing that 50K walk with my cousins and friends in early October, things have been a bit bumpy. I had a crazy string of colds, flus, and minor mysterious infections, my workout discipline ground to a near halt – partly because of the aforementioned colds, flus, etc., and partly because of work-related time crunches, I watched my blood pressure start ticking up – and then WAY up when I spent a couple weeks on cold medications in order to cover up symptoms… In general, I was becoming something of a fraudulent fitness blogger. :-\

“The Human Race” director Liz Vassey (center), with Run Tampa founder Debbie Voiles, 64 (photo left) and marathoner Kathrine Switzer, 70 (photo right). Voiles and Switzer are both profiled in the documentary. Photo by Lance Rothstein for the Tampa Bay Times.

When an end-of-holidays cold turned into bronchitis, I admitted defeat and spent two “sick days” at home. The bronchitis cleared up after 5 days on amoxicillin; three weeks later, I still have the cold and cough – but so does everyone else in northeast Ohio. During the sick days, I napped, read, watched vegan cooking videos, and watched The Human Race. Twice. I loved it that much. The Human Race follows six runners (more, if you include the additional members of the Run Tampa running club), ranging in age from 50-85, as they prepare for various target races or challenges. Some of them have been athletes all their lives, and some of them took up running late – at age 50, 70, or even 80. As a coach says in the movie, “You’re never too old to get started. Never. Never.” Watch The Human Race; it’s inspirational, delightful, a little moving, and you can now stream it from all kinds of sources.


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