“You’ve got to keep moving”

This wonderful feature in the New York Times profiles four runners, 90 years old and above, all competing in the 2022 National Senior Games, who drop some wisdom bombs for the ages. Like Walter Lancaster: “You got to keep moving.” And Roy Englert: “Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving… And have a little luck.”

To that end, hop over to the website Well+Good for an article on the six best mobility exercises for staying nimble as we get older. If you’re an overachiever, Livestrong has a similar post featuring ten balance exercises.

I’ve been steering my female friends of a certain age to this episode of the Run To The Top podcast, featuring exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Dr. Stacy Sims. I’ve listened to it twice, it’s so jam-packed with information about how to maintain muscle mass, lose weight, increase endurance… and more. (The “look amazing” plug feels a bit superficial; I’ll settle for feeling amazing.) In my fleeting moments of “me” time, I’m reading Sims’ new book, Next Level: Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond. I’m hoping to include a mini-review of that – and several others I’ve been promising to tell you about – in my next post.

Younger brother Dave and I in 1989.
Dave a couple years ago

Lastly, for now, I must take a moment to give props to my “little” brother. Not long after his 55th birthday last October, he got on the scale and had a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment. He had hit 300 pounds, his ankles and knees hurt all the time, and he had sleep and digestion issues. Suddenly this former beanpole (seriously, the boy was skinny), who hasn’t exercised since he ran a season of track in the 8th grade and who had a psychological allergy to sweat, realized he wanted to live longer and better. He started making serious, yet sustainable changes to his diet. Around the same time, his mother-in-law gave him a free gym membership she’d won. He started sneaking in late at night to walk on the treadmill. Six months later, Dave has lost 52 pounds, dropped two sizes, and fallen in love with weight-lifting. He’s made so much progress in his fitness journey, his gym featured them on their Instagram page!


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