“Go ahead. Tie one on.”

Yes, I’m totally stealing that – no, I’m QUOTING that! – from a wellness poster/campaign that ran in the hallways and stairwells of a Kaiser Permanente office where I worked years ago. The poster charmed me so much I threatened to steal it (but didn’t; I was completing a PhD in ethics at the time, and it would have been awkward). Kudos to the agency that created it.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m getting suited up to trudge down to my basement for a treadmill workout. The only exercise I’ve gotten since Christmas Eve is some hardcore house-cleaning and closet reorganization. I don’t want to end the year that way! But it’s cold and raining outside, which would make these arthritic knees throw an epic work stoppage, and probably mess up my conviction to start 2019 with a good workout, as well. I know, I know… who doesn’t start a new year with a conviction to work out? I’m such a cliché. But I’m also signing up for a few ultra events this year, and need to decide once and for all if I’m a walker or a runner.


Do you have fitness goals for the coming year? We don’t have to call them “resolutions.” Call them intentions… aspirations… Whatever they are, I wish you well! God willing, I’m coming up on my 5-year breast cancer “survivorsary,” so I’ll be sharing more about that crazy climbing gym party I’ve got planned, and I might eventually reveal the actual length of the ultra marathons I’m eyeing.

Thanks for reading, folks! Happy New Year!


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