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♥ An article in the New York Times summed up research showing that the muscles of long-term regular exercisers in their 70s are virtually indistinguishable from those of twenty-somethings.  In general, it looks like aerobic exercise keeps us physiological “younger” than weight training, but let’s face it – any exercise is better than no exercise!

♥ 67-year old cancer survivor and former elite marathoner Benji Durden is still running nearly 200 miles/month.

♥ What a crazy few years 52-year old ultra-runner Patricia Ramirez-Arroyo has had! This podcast interview will make you smile… and lace up your shoes.

♥ And finally… 70-year old Gene Dykes (I mentioned his near- world age-group record time at the Toronto Marathon in this post) has gone ahead and broken Ed Whitlock’s nearly 15-year old marathon world record for his 70-and-over age group. (That’s Gene Dykes in the [uncredited] image above.)


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