The sports bra is 40 years old this month

Female readers, let us take a moment and give thanks. For forty years, now, the sports bra (or “jogbra,” as it was first known) has been making all kinds of athletic pursuits a lot more comfortable for women (and has preserved zillions of Cooper’s Ligaments). The invention was so revolutionary, the prototypes are in the American History Museum.

The styles, shapes, sizes, and materials have improved every year (in part because the inventor Dr. LaJean Lawson is still on the case), and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent sports bra. It doesn’t hurt, though, to visit a shop that caters to female athletes, such as Title Nine, to get properly fitted and matched to the styles that provide the kind of support and, shall we say, “motion control” you desire.

Pro-tip: If you exercise in them several times a week, it’s best to replace your sports bras after 6-12 months. To prolong their lives, wash in cold water with a mild detergent – harsh stuff breaks down the elastic fibers – and hang them to air-dry.

Not me. Ballet dancer Misty Copeland, modeling an Under Armour sports bra.

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