Bra talk

Sorry, gents. This post is probably not going to ring your bell, but you might share it with the female athletes in your life.

Ladies, here is a really excellent and comprehensive review of oodles of sports bras currently on the market. The funny thing is, just last week I was searching the “interwebs” for exactly this kind of information. I did my own hunting, found a new sport bra to try, and ordered it. A week later, here comes Sarah Bradham with everything I wanted to know.

A little context: my favorite running/sports bra was made by Moving Comfort about 7-8 years ago. The bra (I can’t even remember the name, now) went out of production almost as soon as I found it, but I was able to buy up several, and kept them in circulation quite a while. Then came my breast cancer adventure and five years on the estrogen-suppressing chemopreventive medication, anastrazole. Suffice it to say that the distribution and density of various upper body parts and regions changed in ways that puzzled and frustrated me. Several new running bras that I purchased right before surgery (lumpectomy) no longer fit, and on the few occasions I tried to run, I felt like a teenager who’d had a sudden, awkward, unwanted growth spurt; nothing moved (or refrained from moving) the way I expected it to. I didn’t want to concede to this new – and, I hoped, temporary – distribution by purchasing new sports bras to accommodate it, but that had to be done. So I Googled and read and Googled and read some more, and ordered a Brooks Rebound Racer, which fits well and which I think I’m going to love.

Brooks Rebound Racer

Sarah’s review would have saved me a lot of research, but at least I have some ideas for other affordable sports bras to try! (See my earlier ode to sports bras. Game changers.)


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