May madness

I seem to have misplaced the last three weeks. Has anyone seen them?

I was certain my April streak would carry me right into May, marching along with focus and discipline. Instead, I’ve been completely out of control of my days, and sometimes not even sure which day it actually is. My longest walk was 2.5 miles, I’ve sometimes gone three days at a stretch with NO real exercise (besides yard work), and I’ve barely touched our barbell or dumbbells or MaxiClimber.

Cripes! Get a grip, M! Center thyself!

So… first up, I’m doing this push-up challenge. For real, this time, instead of going at it for three days and then entirely forgetting about it.* I’ve printed out the schedule and posted copies all over the house – in the home office, on the kitchen refrigerator, and on the full-length mirror in the bedroom. (*According to a recent study, I’d remember things better if I exercised more.)

Second, I’m starting some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), encouraged by a recent study demonstrating that interval training can reverse muscle loss in post-menopausal women. My plan is to do three of my daily stationary bike rides each week in the interval sequence used in the study: 8 seconds “sprinting,” followed by 12 seconds low-intensity, repeating for 20 minutes. (I’ll be riding 40-45 minutes a day to raise money for children’s cancer research, pedaling in memory of this incredible young man, Killian Mansfield.) Muscle loss sucks, as we have discussed elsewhere. I want it back.

Finally, I want to Move Like Post-Heart-Valve-Replacement, 75-year-old-Jagger… preferably without the heart surgery.


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    1. I’m doing modified ones, too! But I aim to try for a decent set of β€œreal” push-ups. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the late reply; I missed the notification. πŸ™„


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