There she be. Proof that I completed the “spring streak” challenge, albeit with some mighty short walks – sometimes the bare minimum of 1 mile and “change”! When I couldn’t get out to walk during the day, I hopped on my rower or my stationary bike for 20 to 30 minutes. Those intervals are recorded as “miles” by the tracking app – so 20 minutes = 1 mile. Now I must keep up this momentum AND – more importantly – start adding more miles to each week. I’m trying to walk faster and more efficiently, because I’ll be challenged to find the time for all the miles I need to build toward the 50 miler in October. Will it surprise you to learn that I’m trying to embrace chi walking, like I used to embrace chi running?

I’ve complicated matters by committing to ride 500 miles in June to raise money for children’s cancer research. Most of these miles will be accumulated in the wee hours of morning, and late at night, on my stationary bike (there being only so many daylight hours available). But they all count. If you feel like supporting this effort, here is my fundraising page:

My goal is to raise $500, but heck, if I raise more than that, I’ll increase my mileage commitment!

Other stuff…

Photo stolen from Bob’s Run Zombie Run community Facebook page.

Blog guest Robert Neeley has a great post here on making adjustments in his training and expectations, and his sources of satisfaction, after a rough winter. He’s doing just fine; this past weekend Bob and his wife Karla completed the Big Sur 21-Miler!

Good news: health professionals are giving serious consideration to prescribing exercise – instead of drugs – as a way to control blood pressure. But even if they don’t go that route, you can self-prescribe! 😉 Move your body; lower your blood pressure!

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Heads-up: the chemicals that make your running tights and yoga pants stretchy and silky and yummy-feeling are probably also making you tired. I first read about this in an issue of First for Women magazine my mother and I were thumbing through, then I Googled around for supporting evidence. While Shape magazine – the link above – is not exactly a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it was the most accessible of the confirmations I found. But don’t despair: washing new “athleisure” clothing twice before wearing it will reduce 50% of the chemicals in the fabric.


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