No foolin’: it’s time to get in shape

Weird, random internet image I found when I googled “light on my feet.”

Forget all that “beach body” nonsense. I simply need to get lighter and faster on my feet! In some sort of post-50K “I did it!” delirium, I signed up to do a 50-miler this coming October. 189 days from now, to be precise. I will probably walk it, although – currently basking in the chemical afterglow of a cortisone shot – I am fantasizing about walk-running it. I have a training schedule, courtesy of a calculator provided by Santa Clarita Runners and Key here is to actually follow said training schedule!

I am also registered to walk the Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio in September, along with some friends who accompanied me on the 50K last fall. This will be part of my “taper” to the October 50-miler. (I say that with tongue firmly in cheek. I seriously doubt I will be in danger of over-training; there aren’t enough free hours in a week to walk as much as I need to walk! That’s another reason I hope and pray I can run a bit this summer.) To get ourselves kick-started, we’ve all signed up for a Spring Streaker Challenge – a challenge to exercise at least 20 minutes (or walk/jog at least one mile) every single day of April – and we’ll be checking in with each other to keep our streaks going.

So, yeah, a 50-miler in six months. Oh, what a fool am I

(No, this post is not a sponsorship plug for my current shoe of choice, the zippy Hoka Torrent, pictured above, although I’m open to persuasion…)


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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And sorry for the late reply. I neglected to log into my dashboard for a couple+ weeks! I followed your blog under my “real” email address. Thanks for reading!


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