I woke up extra tired yesterday, and skipped my morning exercise routine in favor of slouching at my computer desk, clutching a Diet Coke and reading about how a consistent workout routine can undo the effects of – well – decades of sitting at a computer desk. I also read about a 50-year old woman who qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. After that sluggish start, the whole day was “off.” I was hungry and sleepy all day, and kept revving myself up with caffeine and carbs, which just made me hungrier and sleepier.

That pattern – hungry+sleepy>caffeine+carbs – has been happening a lot during the past couple of weeks. Time to hit the reset button again. I know exactly what I need to do, because it has worked before: stop guzzling artificially sweetened beverages, cut the caffeine, steer clear of refined flours, and bulk up the fresh (and even frozen) greens. In as little as two weeks, I’ll be right as rain.

Happy New Year, everybody (yeah, a little late). Let’s get to it.


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