“Adult Onset Running”

Oiselle makes running and exercise clothing I can’t really afford, but I do love this: they are sponsoring a team of 3 runners, all over 70 years of age, called the Elite Grannies. Two of them started running at age 60 or older! (The article dubs this “adult onset running.” πŸ™‚ ) Read more about the team here. #RoleModels, for sure!

Not surprisingly, “adult onset running” can be very good for your heart. NYT’s Gretchen Reynolds summarizes a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology demonstrating that out-of-shape middle-aged adults who train for their first marathon end up with arteries that look four years younger than when they started!


Two more new posts coming soon, but for now, I leave you with this thought: surfing the Great Lakes in January is a thing.



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  1. “Adult onset running” I love it. And those women are so inspiring. If they can do it at 60 or 70, I can do it at 47.


  2. Exactly! And just to be clear, the phrase “adult onset running” came from the Women’s Running article, not from my brain. I’m going to tweak the post to make that more obvious. Good luck!

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