Suddenly, last summer

I know summer is not over, yet. Technically, we’re barely halfway through. But so much of it has zipped past me, and so many Fall things are looming, that I feel like I’ve already missed it! Last year’s work and school “shut-down” – challenging in so many unpleasant ways – at least created more opportunities for scheduling and tackling the various fitness challenges I gave myself. This summer… well… I’m getting so many “move!” prompts from my fitness watch I’m tempted to crush it under the wheels of my desk chair. And Strava sends me irritating monthly bar charts documenting a steady decline in “active days.” Argh!

How do YOU prioritize your health and fitness when the rest of life expands to fill in all your planner margins? Share in the comment section below!

An incredible amount of information packed into 214 pages.

This great profile of Hal Higdon at age 90 sent me rummaging through our bookshelves for my copy of his classic How To Train. Higdon’s training plans are all over the internet, free of charge, but it’s nice to have this handy compendium. And speaking of “runners of all ages” (see the subtitle of his book), Runner’s World Magazine talked to runners in their 40s, 50s, 60s and on (up to 100!), to learn how they keep running and avoiding injury. Good stuff!

I keep forgetting to share this one: I love this post by recent blog guest Leah Willis, describing what she carries on her hikes. There are some great tips in that little video!

Also, congrats to my other blog guest, triathlete Sue Reynolds, for making the cover and “centerfold” of Women’s World weekly, where she got to tell her inspiring story of becoming a world class masters triathlete!

(Why is that image so huge? Have I mentioned how much I hate the new(ish) and (un)improved WordPress block editor?)


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