Keep the body in motion

First up, a few role models:

  • I’m a few years (ok, 5 years) behind the times, but Bollywood actor and ageless eye candy Milind Soman treated himself to an Ironman* Triathlon for his 50th birthday in 2015 (*that’s an event featuring a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.22 mile run). He apparently had such a good time he then completed the Florida Ultraman Challenge in 2017. The Ultraman is a 3-day, 320 mile ultra-endurance event comprised of 6.2 miles of swimming, 261.4 miles of cycling, and 52.4 miles of running. Milind has good genes: here’s a great little video of him jumping rope with his 82-year old mother; #keepmoving, indeed!
  • I Run Far has an inspiring series of profiles they call “Age-old Runners,” featuring “excellent” runners over the age of 45. So far, most of those profiled are over 50, so they qualify as 50 is the new Forte #rolemodels! Words of wisdom from 55-year old, featured ultra runner Anita Ortiz: “I still try to get out there because, bottom line, I love running and racing more than I love winning.”
  • 79-year old Betty Holston Smith says “Running became the core of my life…” after she listened to an interview with Gabe Mirkin. Runner’s World profiled Betty: “Just last year, she ran 132.57 miles in six days at the Icarus Florida Ultrafest in November. In July, she finished as the 35th female and oldest competitor at the Endless Summer 6-Hour Run. In May, she completed the Dawn 2 Dusk 2 Dawn Ultra as the 20th female across the finish line. Two years ago, she broke the U.S. master’s record (age 75-79) for the most distance covered in a 6-day span. At the 2017 Icarus Florida UltraFest in Fort Lauderdale, she ran 187.31 miles in 144 hours. She’s targeting a 48-hour race and another 6-day ultra in the fall.” A vegan, she’s also featured in the Spring 2020 print issue of Forks Over Knives magazine…

Next up, philosophy…

Robert (“Zombie”) Neeley “guested” on this blog way back in its infancy. He’s got a great post up on his own blog about getting emotionally adjusted to the changes forced by COVID-19.

Robert Neeley running in the Churchill Half Marathon, November 2015 (his 30th race that year).

I don’t need a park, but I do enjoy them. I don’t need a gym, or people, or anything really. What I have always desired is already out there. The blue sky, the birds, the squirrels, everything, just everything is already there. It’s always been there, it’s just been waiting for us to take the time, take a breath, and discover it. Well, now is your time to discover. Maybe Mother Nature is sending a wake up call to the world. To be better humans. Maybe we need to re-think how we act, what we treasure and how we speak. Tough times will show you the best and the worst in people. I do my best to stay focused on the good, the stories of people helping people.

Now for the miscellany…

Hey, friends, the annual Race for the Place (raising money for The Gathering Place here in northeast Ohio) has to go virtual this year, so I’m taking the opportunity to pledge that I’ll walk 20 miles during race week (May 29-June 7). If you feel like contributing to the cause, here’s my fundraiser page!  Or, hey, start your own! The Gathering Place has an incredible variety of free health and wellness services and programs for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. The Race for the Place helps them keep things free!

Then – fool that I am – I signed up to walk 100K in 10 days in June! It’s a cool virtual “race” where participants will get a video sneak preview of the 2021 trail race. The Ornery Mule race organizers put on terrific in-person events. I, for one, am looking forward to taking my shiny new titanium knee back to the Hennepin Hundred, and maybe their Earth Day race. Meanwhile, I’m going to earn this finisher medal…

Last… Here’s a great workout that can be done at home with just your body weight for “equipment.”

Now, get up, get up! Put the body in motion!



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