Start where you are

  • More evidence that it’s almost never too late to start running. In this most recent study, individuals who began running in their fifties exhibited – within ten years – similar lean muscle mass, body fat, and running speed to same-aged runners who began running decades earlier. That’s encouraging!*
  • This swim cap will definitely be on my supply list.

    I’m having to contemplate either proceeding with knee replacement OR continuing to roll merrily along on cortisone shots for a while longer, while simultaneously cultivating a taste for swimming or cycling. Road cycling terrifies me (don’t judge; I see too much bad behavior on my hour-long, mixed-route commute to work and don’t trust anyone behind a steering wheel), and indoor cycling for more than 45 minutes or an hour is incredibly boring. So I’m exploring cheap indoor pools that will help me get in decent enough aerobic condition to try open-water swimming next spring/summer. With that aim, I found this article helpful: Outside magazine’s “Beginner’s Guide to Open-Water Swimming.” And am trying to remember to work these five exercises into my routine a few days/week: (1) high cadence drill with a resistance band; (2) crunches with weight; (3) stability ball push-ups; (4) tricep rotations; and (5) oblique rolls. Click through to the article and scroll down for a slide show depicting each exercise.

*Update over a month later: somebody coulda told me I had a typo in the first paragraph! (A “to” where it should have been a “too”!)


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