Gettin’ realer

Almost exactly two months ago I mentioned the goal I’ve set for myself this year. (Cripes, that was just two posts ago, too; “real life” has not been friendly to my blogging aspirations this winter.) And that I was working with a physical therapist in hopes that I might get myself running again. Not surprisingly, the therapy couldn’t do anything about the underlying issue – the advancing arthritis – but it did get me a little stronger and better balanced (at least from a musculoskeletal perspective!). The next step in the treatment plan was hyaluronic acid (gel) injections. And an unloader brace.

Medieval torture device? Or knee brace?

I completed the injection series Thursday. The doc says it will take a month to know if they are working – and he says they work for about 50% of his patients. Meanwhile, I’m trying to make peace with the wretched unloader brace – which is designed to reduce pressure on the parts of the knee that have no cartilage.* The doc is dutifully trying to temper my hopes about the injections, but I’ll confess that my hopes are high. I really want to run the majority of the event this fall. I’m trying to do my part – I’ve lost ten of the 20 pounds I set as my weight-loss goal and seem to be on pace to lose the rest by mid-June. Hey, I’m even writing this blog post while pedaling at a “fit desk”! Now I just need the rest of the plan to “gel.” (See what I did there?)

Next post I’m going to share another short book review. Meanwhile, did you catch these two motivations to keep moving? (1) Women with high cardiovascular fitness had at least 88 percent lower risk of developing dementia; and (2) even if you are genetically predisposed to heart disease, exercising during middle- and older-age will cut your risk. Lace up/suit up, and get moving!  (*Updated to explain what the heck an unloader brace is.)

10'5" x 22'8"_old_guy_bench_f.indd
This was a “thrive” reminder on the wall of the Kaiser building where I worked years ago.


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